Curing cancer through new alternative means

Cancer! It is everyone’s fear getting this diagnose, just because it is a very deadly disease. In most cases treatment consist of operation after which the patient will receive chemo and/ or radiation. This treatment can lead to complete healing but sometimes it can lead to a quick death. The chances of surviving cancer are improving but still many people will pass away due to this disease. Next to the normal treatments there are also alternatives for which the medical world has little attention. How can sodium carbonate with dichloroacetate have a positive effect on cancer and why is far going scientific research NOW necessary?


Why does cancer develop?

Who will get cancer depends on many factors, especially how healthy the person lives. Smoking, drinking a lot or unilateral food can trigger it. Also much solar radiation and free radicals play a part in this. Next to this cancer is related to the acidity of the body. If someone has cancer it can develop very quickly. Cancer cells make use of rapid glycolysis (1). It means that glucose is used excessively so that cancer makes its own energy. In relation to normal cells quickly growing cancer cells use glucose 200 times more quickly (2) without using oxygen. This process is the primary cause of wild growth of cancer cells (Warburg effect). De person will experience fatigue and will be exhausted. Additional a lot of lactic acid will be produced. It will be treated with operation, chemo, radiation or transplantation, after which the life expectance is unsure. How can alternative methods – such as de-acidification and activation of the mitochondrial parts of the cell-organelle – help curing cancer?


De-acidification by sodium bicarbonate

It is generally known that cancer will develop more quickly when the person has a acidified body. Normally humans have acidity levels between 7,2 pH till 7,45 pH (3,4). If the acidity gets lower than that there is a good possibility that the person has cancer. Especially when it is a very aggressive kind of cancer the pH levels will be much lower. Think about 6,5 pH in affected tissue. This means that cancer reacts positively on a acidified body next to which cancer cells also produce acids themselves (5,6). This of course is a negative spiral and has to be stopped to prevent severe cancer growth. A method for de-acidification of the body is by using sodium bicarbonate aka Na2CO3. The following happens: Na2CO3 + 2H+ = 2NA+ + H2O + CO2. The acid elements are dissolved resulting in sodium-ions, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Also the therapy of Dr. Simoncini is based on this principle. The cancer cells are treated more directly using sodium bicarbonate. It is injected directly into the cancer (skin), is taken in orally or rectally (stomach or intestine cancer) or is injected into the veins before the blood reaches a specific organ (7). The dissolvement of acid within the cancer and surrounding tissues results in slowing down cancer growth or stopping it. Pre-emptive de-acidification of the body can reduce the chance of getting cancer in the first place. Next to that for patients with cancer it is important to drain acids from the body or neutralize it. A good way is the intake of sodium bicarbonate solved in water. As normally the sodium bicarbonate levels in the body drop after forty years it is advisable for everyone to start to de-acidify. 


Capsules dichloroacetate

To treat a high lactose acid level but also to treat hereditary mitochondrial diseases such as MELAS medication such as dicholoacetate is used. It stimulates the activity of mitochondrial parts of the cell organelle so that bodily waste substances can be recycled. Concerning cancer energy is regulated by the pyruvatekinase enzyme (PKM1 and PKM2). During growth of our body PKM2 is very active but will shut down when we reach adulthood. After that PKM1 takes over all functions regarding energy supply. When a person has cancer in many cases the PKM2 enzyme is always present stimulating cancer-growth (8,10). This for instance is case for the most severe category brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforma aka GBM. It influences directly the energy supply of cancer cells (in accordance with Warburg effect). DCA – dichloroacetate – blocks the PKM2-enzyme (9) so that cancer cells cannot receive energy anymore. No energy means that cancer cells cannot multiply or expand and doesn’t affect other tissue (10). During treatment of lysosome or mitochondrial metabolic diseases DCA hasn’t given any side effects with children however with adults is can have a poisoning effect due to which the axon inside the nerve system is affected. Sometimes it can result in movement or neurological problems. Using DCA safely means additional research is required. Most likely it can be used combined with other medication to prohibit affecting the axon. 


Writers’ opinion

The western medical world can benefit from all means to treat cancer. Practically always it means chemo, radiation, transplantation and additional medication, after which it isn’t always sure if the patient can make it! Sodium bicarbonate and dichloroacetate are normal available substances in which [I]big pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in[/I] (12) as it doesn’t give good profit. The chances are there but scientifically or medically seeing they don’t want to invest in it and that is bad thing. Traditional and alternative means of treatment can work together improving the change of recovery after cancer. Sadly enough making “large sums of money” goes before the health of citizens and before curing the world of cancer!


The effectiveness of previous treatment of cancer has not yet scientifically been proved. However there are several sources and witnesses which suggest these kinds of treatment can help for sure. This article has given an insight in how these substances can have a positive effect within the treatment of cancer. As these are relatively harmless it surely can be used next to traditional treatment of cancer. Additional research is necessary.















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