De-acidification by intake of sodium bicarbonate baking soda

Unexplained disorders are partly caused by a sodium bicarbonate deficiency and leads to a quick acid buildup within the body. Also due to much stress in life – resulting in a lasting negative mood – muscle tension and acidity rises. It gives painful disorders such as spasmodic cramps, tensions, a stinging or tingly feeling and joint problems. What kind of influence has acid on the body and how can baking soda aka sodium bicarbonate be helpful?


Complaints due to high acidity

Much acid within the body means that tensions are high. Muscles will have the tendency to cramp more comparable with uric acid buildup after training heavily. It results in constantly having problems with a certain muscle or sometime a combination of muscle-tissues. Think about muscles in the legs, back or the neck. Is the acidity relative high then the intensity of the complaints, the pain it gives and how long it lasts will increase. Next to this uric acid buildup can give painful inflammation of the joints and can cause several types of unexplained disorders. What are the underlying causes of high acidity within the body?


Work pressure and stress

When you are always busy with your work it can take a lot of energy. Normally this shouldn’t be a problem, but when your boss makes pressuring remarks your personal stress sensitivity will rise. Stress, fears and anxiety – for instance to lose your job – ask a lot from the bodily endogenous substance called serotonin. This substance has great influence on your satisfaction as also your mood. If you have much stress serotonin-levels will drop resulting in a negative mood and can result in a negative spiral. The influence of acidity will increase as your mood gets worse, tensions increase and depression-like symptoms will emerge. 


Sodium bicarbonate levels

This substance helps the kidneys to remove acid from the blood. This means that you have to have a stable and good sodium bicarbonate level so that acids can be removed from the body effectively. Some people naturally have a low level due to which a acid buildup can occur. Low sodium bicarbonate levels, not enough intake combined with a stressed life results in gradual acid accumulation and previously mentioned problems.


Influence of age

When a person gets older the effective working and healing of the body decreases due to which problems will arise with age. Especially sodium bicarbonate levels drop each year a little bit, but in average from forty years and on it will cross a critical level. If the acid production doesn't change and the sodium bicarbonate levels drop, then the acidity will increase. The older we get the more painful disorders we will have. Many unexplained disorders can be caused by this phenomenon. If you are older than forty or fifty with strange disorders make sure to check your blood acidity levels. When administering the correct substances to the body the complaints and disorders can get less. How can you do that?


Intake of sodium bicarbonate

To make sodium bicarbonate you will need sodium but not the one you use normally in your kitchen. That is sodium chloride and has a bad influence on your health. Sodium bicarbonate on the other hand has a positive influence and therefor it is also used in hospitals. It can be administered through infusion but also can be take in using soluble tablets. The kidneys will be stimulated to remove more acids so that tensions and inflammation can reduce. Next to this it helps to gain an improving mood. You can get as 100% sodium carbonate at the local drugstore of you can use baking soda, but remember not to use baking powder as that has additional unwanted substances.


Additional advise

A high acidity within the body can give several problems; it can also trigger getting cancer. In helping the kidneys you will needs to administer sodium bicarbonate. Next to that you can make sure acids have less chance of accumulating. You can for instance drink nettle tea as it works like a diuretic. This means unwanted fluids, acids and toxins can leave the body through pee or defecation. This cleaning method results in less inflammation as acids have less influence. Next to this it is important to keep moving, even if you are getting older. Strong muscles can handle a fall and protect also the bones. Next to that less acidity will result in stronger bones as calcium is less withdrawn from the bones. This means it has a protecting way for the bones so that osteoporosis has less influence. To improve on your self-assurance you can take in tryptophan supplements for stimulating serotonin production.


Simonchini treatment

Because cancer-cells development goes hand in hand with higher acidity it is wisely to de-acidify the body from forty years and on. In experimental treatment used by Dr. Simonchini (lit.1) it is also used to attack cancer-cells directly. It is administered orally, anally, injected into the cancer itself or indirectly through the bloodstream. This indicates that sodium bicarbonate can be effective against high acidity, unexplained disorders and also cancer.




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