Dry torn corners or edge mouth how to treat it

A dry mouth especially at the far left and right corner or edge can bring much sorrow and pain. Next to this it looks esthetically less good making the person shyer of it. As everyone can see it directly others can think that there must be something wrong with you. That can be the reason why some people start to avoid you and so you get isolated in some degree. The dried torn skin condition regularly affects little kids or teenagers in their puberty, but sometimes also at older age. What can be the causes and how can zinc crème help with that?



If the corners of the lips dry out and rip then it can be very painful. The skin looks skimpy, scale and dry giving it deep cloves. It makes the underlying skin to irritate en possible will further give problems. This disorder can be present at one side of the mouth but mostly it occurs on both mouth corners. Next to this it looks like the irritated area gets bigger and so you want to get rid of the situation. What causes this irritating skin and how can it be treated?


Sleeping with open mouth

A well-known reason why the mouth or lips dry out is because the person sleeps with the mouth open. It occurs with many people whilst saliva or slime comes out of the mouth and runs over lips and cheek. A small layer of will lay over the skin with mouth substances reacting on the skin. After a while the skin will get dry and can get dehydrated. Next to this mouth substances, acidity or bacteria can locally have a negative influence on the upper skin. Structurally sleeping with the mouth open can lead to complications for the skin.


Irritated skin or infection

Previous mentioned saliva can have great impact on the skin. If causes a quick irritation and can result into long-lasting and deep cloves. The skin rips, looks red and dry. It also feels warm, burns and is painful. Surrounding skin is also affected causing small wounds. This can lead till crusts as the wounds will fester a bit so that healing will be initiated. It can be caused by drying out but it can also be due to an infection such as a fungal or bacteria.  


Humidity at home

Also the humidity at home can be of great influence on the skin. Without realizing it the humidity at home or on the workplace can be abnormal triggering skin problems. The skin will dry out resulting in this disorder. A solution can be to get a regulator so that the humidity artificially will be kept at the right level.


Influence of denture

If the teeth have been taken out then it is replaced with a denture. Its goal is to replace old teeth with artificial ones so that the person can eat and chew as normal. It is necessary that the denture fits precisely. An unjust format, obliquity can quickly give complication to the mouth, lips and mouth corners. Make sure when you get your denture that it is of the right size and that you complain if the chewing movement doesn't go properly. Also good hygiene is important as food remnants can be a source for infections. Clean the denture regularly, preferably daily so that fungi and bacteria have no chance.



Most usual is to use oil or crème which consists of zinc-oxide. It has a strong astringent effect so that cloves or wounds can close and heal. Next to that will this crème give coolness and keeps the wound moist. This is important as moist stimulates healing as epithelium gets formed. Using this ointment also gives a protecting layer for influences from the outside so that the skin can recover neatly. Use zinc crème so that this disorder can heal more quickly. Be aware that you use an anti-fungal crème at first (when it is caused by fungi) or that you combine zinc salve with anti-fungal pills.