Gripes cramp attack in the stomach nausea and diarrhea

Having severe cramps in the stomach can result into much pain. The disorder can occur with little children but can also inflict regular problems with adults. The baby cannot sleep or cries a lot and the person sits or lays uncomfortable. It gives a nauseas feeling and can lead to throwing up and regular diarrhea. What is gripes en what causes it?



Stomach pain can occur in various gradations. If it is briefly but regularly occurs then it is called gripes. It gives a temporary discomfort due to as short-term blockade in the intestines. Several causes can lead to this unpleasant feeling and painful attacks. Think about sitting un-easily, moving from side to side and maybe have a warm or sweaty feeling. Normally the pain will go away after a short while, after which it can re-occur a while later.


Intestine cramps

At first newborn baby’s will have an underdeveloped intestinal flora (bacteria) whereby food is less effectively processed. The child is extra sensitive for cow milk as proteins are insufficient broken down. This leads to crams as the small intestine will remove food more quickly. Locally the intestine can give cramps giving the child a painful feeling. The baby will be awake a lot or cries constantly. Inquire at your general practitioner what kind of food is most suitable for your child.


Cramps with adults

Overwhelming stinging pain in the stomach normally is caused by three reasons namely:

  • Locally the intestines can cramp resulting in a smaller passageway. In many cases the acidity in the body is to high resulting in tensions throughout the body. The intestines can get screwed up resulting in intense pain also because other surrounding tissue is being pulled and is tensed. Pain will radiate to other tissues;
  • Kidney stones. The kidneys transport waste fluids with minerals out of the body. If the concentration of minerals or salts is to high it can result into grit and stones. Small grit can leave the body by urinating but the stones will give problems.
  • Gallstones. The liver produces gall which will be stored in the gallbladder. After the stomach gall will be added to the food stream so that other useful substances can be extracted. Next to gall also old blood remnants called bilirubin. In high concentrations it can lead to the forming of gallstones resulting in a blockade. Essential gall isn’t added so that food isn’t properly processed. The person can be tired, will lose weight, the feces is white and urine can be of a dark color.


What to do?

If you regularly have a stinging stomach or belly then there can be some kind of problem. Kidney or gallstones can be removed or can be shattered. Removing it will be done through keyhole surgery, whilst small stones are reduced by a laser. Is it caused by intestinal cramps then normally there cannot be done anything medically. Sometimes it is caused by an unnatural working of the intestinal movement (peristalsis) giving congestion. Have the intestines stopped working then it is necessary to find the underlying cause so that proper action can be taken. To reduce the influence of pain normally aspirin or other painkillers are used/ prescribed.


Heavily or severe stomach- or belly-pain doesn’t have to mean that it is a serious condition. If it seems to repeat itself regularly then there might be a problem. Go to your general practitioner for additional help or information.



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