How to reduce joint pain due to arthritis

Joint pains caused by arthritis or rheumatism can have a great impact on your life. Walking and running is painfully and the intake of medicine makes you gain weight. The complaints will grow and the mobility will worsen. It can give motivation problems resulting in further negative thoughts. To prevent this it is necessary to reduce the pain and lower how much fluids are retained within the body. What can you do next to the intake of medicine to ease the pain and lose weight?  


What causes the joint pains?

When a person grows older sodium bicarbonate in the body reduces so acidity will increase. It depends on the person how much acid there is but in general it will grow with age. Uric and lactic acid increase which will give problems to tissue, muscles and joints. Especially uric acid is the cause of inflammation of the mucous membrane within joints called the synovia. Pressure on surrounding tissue, tendons with muscles will grow and can cause intense long lasting pain. The pressure can grow so that it looks like the joint is much bigger due to the bulging synovia.


Use of medication

To reduce the influence of the condition normally medicine like Enbrel combined with MTX is prescribed. Goal is to reduce the effects of the inflammation so that the inner joint pressure will reduce. Medication such as Enbrel is injected and can cause an itch and red swelling. Methotrexate ensures strengthening the resistance by repressing the immune system and inflammation. It is also used in some kinds of cancer to help patient’s bodily resistance. Problem is that more fluids are retained so that weight increases.


Weight has negative impact

Medicine results in gaining weight because fluids and fats are retained. This means that a substance called aromatase increases which results in more estrogen production. It has an extra negative effect on weight because it tends to support fat storage. Additional weight means you need to carry more and this results in more pressure on the joints such as the knees. More weight means more pressure means more pain! It is wise to reduce weight even if you take in this medicine. What can you do?


The combined approach

For those with rheumatic problems it is necessary to change the way of living structurally. You need to watch your weight, you need to improve the metabolism and need to remove acids with toxins. Good condition with firm muscles and less weight mean less pressure. The removal of uric acids helps the joint by reducing the influence of inflammation. Combined with prescribed medicine a good balance can be reached so that walking is less painful. Talk with your treating doctor so that you can combine this with a reduction of medicine intake. 


Stimulating fluid drainage

Nettle tea has the capability to push out fluids with acids and toxins. This means that uric and lactic acid can be removed from the body in a natural way. The source of all discomfort can be removed so that there will be a positive balance within the body. If you take a tea treatment you can only use it for a month after which you will need to give the kidneys a month rest. During that time use other tea instead such as red bush tea for relaxation. 


Promoting muscle growth

Persons with joint pains normally don’t like to move or exercise. Being motionless has a big negative impact on the joints as it gets less flexible and acids can more easily influence muscle tension. It means that everything needs to be in motion. Muscles give strength to the limbs next to which more muscle asks more energy form the body. This gives a good balance to start losing weight. Muscle growth can be stimulated by the intake of zinc tablets. It reduces the impact of aromatase so that more testosterone is produced.


Metabolism and weight loss

Loss in weight is stimulated by adrenaline and amino acid production. Walking or some kind of exercise gives rising adrenaline level. Losing weight is always related with how much food is taken in. Eating more frequently means a more active stomach and gives more amino acid. When you eat less frequent the stomach doesn't do anything resulting in a stand still for amino acid production. This can result in gaining weight by eating less. Eat more frequent – for instance five times a day – but eat small healthy snacks. With it you can find a good balance to lose weight as you eat your way through the day.



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