Jock itch red skin rash along skinfold and pubic area

A rash on the skin can irritate and give an itchy sensation. In the case of jock itch it concerns affected skin below folds and in the groin, buttocks or the pubic area. It gives a lot of nuisance and can grow into a large area of the skin that is affected. What is jock itch, how does it affect moist warm places on the body and how can it be treated?


What does it concern?

It can happen to anyone of us. The skin turns red, it scales, itches and sometimes hurts. The skin clearly is irritated due to a fungi infection. In this case it primarily occurs in places which are warm and moist. On several places there are skin-folds or places which have the right conditions for it to grow. Think about the armpits, around the buttocks but also under rolls of fat or breasts. If it occurs it directly will be very striking giving red spots or areas on the skin (various red colorations possible).



Normally the skin has a stable balance to keep a certain pH level so that necessary bacteria give a healthy skin climate aka the acidity ensure a stable micro environment. Normally the body or skin has a acidity of around 5,5 and that can be disturbed in various ways.


Usage of soap

Of course we want that our body is clean and hygienic and therefore we use soap. Soap is available in various kinds with many differences. Think about perfumed soap at which the skin can react heavily. It can cause fungus and eczema on the hands of feet. Different kinds of soap have a high pH value many as up to 8. This can cause many problems as the acidity gets unstable. Bacteria and fungi can increase rapidly. 



Warm sweaty places are always sensitive for this. Especially when you don’t dry these places it can become breeding grounds for fungi where they can develop quickly. It is important to dry yourself good after showering, and standing before the ventilator before putting on your clothes can help. Also to warm clothes can give problems as the sweat-glands are activated.


Tight fitting clothes

The skin can be irritated by tight fitting clothes, but also due to scraping movements. Think at the inside of the upper legs or arm pits. Next to that it is necessary to wear a good size bra and underwear. If it is to tight then the skin starts sweating sooner and it can fit to tightly giving painful or red spots. 


Illness, elderly and resistance

Next to fore mentioned elements age and if you are sick play an important part. Elderly have less attention for personal physical care resulting in hygienic problems. Also people with a temporarily lower resistance can get it. Think about diabetic of people with other skin problems such as psoriasis. 


Additional complications

If the skin is irritated then it can go from bad to worse quickly. The red skin spots can quickly grow until a large skin surface has been affected. This is a gradual process but sometimes it can go very quickly. The skin feels itchy or burns en can give much pain. It can also give blisters with scales. These on their turn can be infectious for other parts of the body but also other people. Furthermore it can give cleaves which can be painful or give a cutting sensation.



If you treat it quickly then you can recover very soon also. Using the right approach for the condition your skin can heal within several days or weeks. If there are blisters they need to be evaporated using zinc ointment or crème. Due to the zinc moist will evaporate without the blister opening so that the blister gets smaller and erode. It will give some scales but there aren't contagious for others. Additional anti-fungal crème is needed as it lowers de pH levels. The acidity can recover and fungi or bacteria have less chance in developing or growing. Sometimes anti-fungal crèmes cannot be used next to certain medication. So always read the leaflet of the crème or ask your treating doctor, general practitioner.