Lying awake due to restless legs

You are tired but you cannot fall asleep. Your legs look like they want to wander off during which you are unable to get your rest. It can be a once of a time occurrence but what if it seems to be a structural daily interference of your sleep? In that case there must be something wrong with your body resulting in you having this restless feeling. What can cause this restless legs syndrome (RLS) and what can you do to get real sleep?  


Symptoms and sleeping deficiency

Every person has to have enough time to rest. An average person needs to sleep about eight hours. You will be in deep sleep within the hour after which the body will wake up gradually over a period of about three hours. One cycle takes four hours after which another cycle will repeat. The length of this cycle can also be three hours depending on what kind of person you are. In that case a total sleep of six hours a day is enough. Having this said, you will have to have the possibility to fall asleep. RLS gives you the feeling that your legs want to move whilst you like to sleep. This sensation prevents you from having enough sleep, so you will have to do something about it. RLS has a big influence on how much rest your body gets. It can also result in additional complaints such as muscle or neck pains but also excessive feeding.


Several sicknesses can cause the condition. Think about diabetes, arthritis, anemia, but also too much intake of substances such as smoke, caffeine or alcohol. Not everybody with a particular decease has to have it. Next to this there can also be too many acids in the body so that the muscles are being triggered. What can you do to reduce the influence of this condition?


Move a lot before going to bed

Your legs want to move, so give it what its wants. Start training, walking, jogging, sporting and so on just to keep your legs busy. Don’t come home and sit in your chair watching the games till nighttime. Exercise so that your legs feel like being used and that the muscles are getting tired as well. Move as much as you can during day time. Walk or bicycle to your work, take the stairs in staid of taking the elevator, walk every day and do extra exercises before going to sleep.


Remove acids in the body

Sodium bicarbonate ensures that acids are neutralized. The level of this substance in your body drops linear and from the age of forty years it can become a deficiency. This means there is not enough substance to neutralize acids which directly translates into a buildup of acids in the body. It results in a tingling feeling, joint pain and severe cramps. Also restless legs can be a cause of it. Muscles react very negative on high acidity so that the legs get irritated. It is necessary to assist the kidneys with de-acidification. You can do this with aperient salt which you normally can you get in a drugstore, sodium carbonate or baking soda. Next to this it is very advisable to drink nettle tea which you can buy at a drugstore. It has a fluid, acid and toxic expelling effect so that bad substances are removed in a natural way.


Influence of good nutrition

You are what you eat and so you need to watch on what you take in. Too much salt or sour in your food has a negative impact on you. You need to focus your attention on homemade meals so you know what you eat. Think about fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, unsaturated fats (fish, nuts) and so on. Eat many times a day (up to five times) but keep it at small healthy snacks. It will stimulate your metabolism. 


Eat sleep-inducing foods 

What you take in just before you sleep is very important. Think on a cracker or sesame bun with tuna which you wash away with a glass of warm milk. This light meal gives you additional energy so you can sleep a long time. Next to this it has high concentrations of tryptophan which triggers the sleep abundantly. Be advised you should never eat a heavy meal before you go to sleep. The stomach will be restless and you won’t sleep stable. It will have the opposite effect so you won’t rest properly.  


Having sexual intercourse before sleeping

If your body is satisfied your brain will release contentment hormones. Because you are exercising the legs combined with the satisfaction it seems to be ideally for this condition. As you probably won’t be doing it every day it isn't a structural solution. But if you combine it with the prior given advises it can support you in getting a better result. 


What you should avoid

Of course there are substances you always must avoid before going to sleep. Think about smoking and alcohol from which you will wake up to soon. Also caffeine works negative on your sleep. You can drink red bush (rooibos) tea which doesn't have stimulating substances but gives you a relaxed feeling instead. 


What if your partner wakes from your RLS?

It is possible that your partner wakes up from the movement of your legs and so it is important to talk about it and to think on a solution. Sleeping separately isn't good for the relation so you need to think on other things. Work on your way of living by de-acidification and eating healthy. Next to that it is important to exercise a lot and that you eat a little sleep-inducing snack. In that way you can reduce the influence of restless legs and improve your sleeping.



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