Neck muscle cramps and pain due to acidified body

From time to time everybody can have a cramp in the leg. But cramps can occur everywhere in the body. Your neck, back, arms, face and legs can have cramps sometimes with long lasting influence. It is caused by a high acidity within the body and can give great pain. Why do you have high levels of acidity in your body and what can you do about it?


Kidneys clean the blood

To remove unwanted substances from the body the kidneys filter it for you. Combined with ADH (antidiuretic hormone) it ensures that enough fluids remain in the body. It also has influence on the blood pressure, the effective working of red blood cells and the bone calcium content. Another important function is its relation with the acidity within the body. Is the acidity high then calcium will be withdrawn from the bones to counteract it. So if the kidneys have insufficient capabilities to remove acid it will cause osteoporosis and will also give additional complaints. What kind of impact has sodium bicarbonate on the kidneys and the body?


Influence of dropping sodium bicarbonate

How good the kidneys can function depends on the presence of sodium bicarbonate. Acid will have less impact if that substance is added. It is possible that the body has insufficient levels of it and so the body will acidify with complaints on every part of our physical being. It results in rheumatic, arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, fatigue, and more. A check of your sodium bicarbonate levels is with many complaints necessary as it can explain a lot. Acidification means that muscles will get tensed and give cramp. This can happen in the leg calves due to lactic acid buildup, but can also happen in any part of the body. Many times it happens in the same spot with a long lasting pain. If the acidity is high, cramp attacks can happen very regularly and can bring much discomfort. 


Intake as a water solution

Acidized blood levels can be treated with aperient salt aka sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda. You can get it at your local drugstore. Use half to one teaspoon of it and let it solve in clean water so that you can drink it. It improves the working of the kidneys up to 65% so that muscles and organs can function better. Also cramps get less frequent and less painful due to a better pH levels. Normally it can take a long time (several months or a year) before the right level of acid has been restored/ reached. Also the intake of vitamin D is useful to strengthen the bones. The intake of nettle tea is advised as it can remove acids and toxins in a natural way. 


Work stress and anxiety

Next to fore mentioned reasons work can also have a bad impact on acidity. Stress and anxiety use up the substance serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter responsible for happiness and a good feeling. If this drops due to work you will feel less happy and the muscles in your body will get tense. It can result in additional lowering of your confidence. By taking in tryptophan supplements or tablets (contact your drugstore) you can restore it so you won’t get unhappy and your muscles won’t get cramped.