Pain in the groin legs and back due to overloaded si joint

The human spine on the lower back has a firm joint which in is connected with the pelvic of the hips. This connection is called the sacro-iliac joint and transfers weight from the body to the legs. It means that this joint normally has to endure a lot of pressure during lifetime. Although it is a rather firm connection it has the possibility to move, for sure if the body has to endure much stress of weight regularly. What is the function off this joint and what kind of complaints can you get due to too much weight or stress on the body?


Typical symptoms

When persons overload their back regularly it will result in pain and injury on this joint. Lifting too much, walking imbalanced, a big stomach and so on can provoke a lot of pain. For many people with lower back problems it is caused by this joint. It can mean that the muscles around the joint endured too much strain due to which movement within the SI-joint has occurred. This room for movement means that surrounding tissue is inflicted resulting in increasing stress and pain. The joint itself, tendons and physical straps need to take more tension which wrongly is being transferred to the pelvic. Normally pain will occur on one side of the body, as the chance of it happening with both connections to the legs is unlikely. The injury can be caused by chronic overpressure but also due to an unhappy fall or strange movement. Additionally some people will have bladder problems due to stress on the groins. 


Influence of hard labor

Many jobs can have a big impact on your body. Think about ground workers or laborer who will need to lift much weight. Normally you are not allowed to lift heavy things and therefore the employer needs to take action to prevent this. Nevertheless also with regularly lifting small weights the body and joints can get to much stress. It will influence the smooth function of the joints with which many problems can occur. The groin will hurt and the legs will feel the pain. You can feel pain up till the knee. This kind of pain means that the person doesn't like to move at all. Because the joint is also connected with the spine, there will be lower back pain. Potentially you can have a complete back pain combined with severe headaches. 


Intensive sporting

Much and long-lasting running can inflict a continuous impact load on the joint. With every step that is taken the shock from weight has to be taken by the joint due to which it is structurally influenced. Normal running and walking is suitable usage of the joint. The body isn’t designed for intensive extreme long training or running. With athletes it regularly results in problems and pain will be caused in the lower back, hips, groin and legs. 


Relation with pelvic instability

Pregnant woman can develop problems with the pelvic between the third and seventh month. The hormone relaxin makes muscles to loosen which means that the tension on the joint is reduced. During birth it gives enough movement for the joint so that the baby can come out easily. Problem is that relaxin can cause pelvic instability with which the woman has to remain in bed for the long term. Normally the joint is fixed but with relaxin it has more mobility and causes many problems. The weight has to be released from the joint during pregnancy if there is pelvic instability.  


If you have pain in the groin which also gives pain in your legs and lower back then it can be caused by an overstressed SI joint. Have it checked medically and follow the advices of your doctor.



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