Pain in the lower back lumbago due to kidney problems

The kidneys are the cleaner of our body so that waste, unused minerals, toxins are removed from our blood. Due to the influence of the ADH hormone fluids such as water are recycled so that the body doesn't dry out. Kidney problems can be the cause of an extra sensitive back resulting in back pain. Sometimes it suddenly can hurt intense resulting in inability to move at all. What are the kidney causing lower back problems (lumbago) and what can be done about it?



A stinging pain in the lower back can be caused by the kidneys. These organs are embedded inside the lower back muscles causing complaints. Contracting or hard muscles can temporarily and sometimes structurally give nuisance or problems. The complaints are comparable with lumbago as it suddenly can hurt much. Many times it is caused by physical labor, unusual movements or too much weight resulting in camps and pain. Hoe can pain in the back be caused by the kidneys?


Temporarily holding your urine too long

Urine that has been processed by the kidneys is stored in the bladder. It is a storage-area with only a certain storage capacity. The pressure will build up in time so that the person will get the urge to pee. A person has the capability to hold urine also if he or she needs to go. Nevertheless the kidneys keep on producing urine resulting in even more pressure. If that person doesn't urinate then the connection between the kidneys and bladder will get saturated. This means there is no drainage from the kidneys, giving a painful sensation in the lower back. This will last until that person has urinated already. Mind you that it is unhealthy to structurally hold your urine as it can negatively influence the functioning of the kidneys.


Influence of salty food

Many of us are used to adding sodium chloride (kitchen salt) to the nutrition making food tastier. It means that our taste is adjusted to eating salty so that we need more and more salt making it tasteful. Salt is added to pre-prepared meals in relative high dosages to improve the taste and longer shelf life. This results in us eating a lot of salt which needs to be processed by the kidneys. Much salt with respect to little fluids means that the kidneys have to work too hard making these organs to cramp.


Relation with tingling upper legs

When you are lying in bed to rest it is possible that you are kept awake by a strange tingling feeling above the knee. It is like there is a small spider below the skin making you distracted. This disorder is related to the kidneys cramping due to too salty food. The muscles pull at the lowest three vertebrae making nerves being pressed to hard. It gives unusual incorrect electric signals giving a tingly sensation. These nerves have their ending in the upper leg just above the knee.


Insufficient acid drainage

Due to problems at work or at home the body has to endure a lot of stress and that can lower the own contentment or mood. Tenses in the body increase whereby acids in the body can increase. If the person has a limited amount of sodium bicarbonate (this drops after forty years of age) then acidification will be the result. Painful cramps can occur anywhere in the body, such as in the back muscles. This can happen always in the same place. 


What to do?

Several problems in the body can cause under back pain. If it is caused due to previous mentioned reasons, what can you do about it? The answer depends on the cause itself:


Salty food

Too much salt in the nutrition makes the muscles cramp. Many times this is regarded a hernia but in this case there is no need for an operation. If the discs between the first and third vertebra are dislocated then it isn't a hernia. Reducing or completely stopping the intake of salty food, avoiding pre-pact and canned food and drinking more water or fluids makes the condition to disappear. Additional massage can help giving first relief. Prevent salty food so that your muscled don’t get cramped.


Acid buildup

If the kidneys have insufficient drain or process capacity acids can accumulate in the body. You can use sodium bicarbonate to counteract it. Also drinking nettle tea can help to stimulate natural drainage of acids but also other toxins.



When you have the urge to urinate you should do it as quickly as possible. Holding up your pee too long can have negative effects.


If you have acute under back pain then it usually will hurt severe. Using painkillers and a hot water bottle can give relief. But it is wise to find a more permanent solution to the problems by following previous mentioned advises. With little changes in your lifestyle you can prevent having lumbago.