Severe pain at back of leg from heel to buttocks

If you have much pain at the back of your leg, it is caused by sciatica. It isn't caused within the legs but it radiates through muscles and nerves into the legs. Many times it comes with a lower back pain and can be caused by different kinds of pressure on the nerves. What is the cause of this and what can be done about it? 


Typical symptoms

Pain at the back of the leg can be very intense. It can mean that the person cannot think about anything else then pain relief. It pre-dominates everything in normal daily life and means that work cannot be don’t properly. It influences everything also a good night sleep. It feels stinging, itchy up to a very painful feeling and reaches from heel till buttocks. Next to this it can mean that you cannot walk your normal way as you aren't able to finish the complete walking movement. Due to the pressure on the nerves you might not feel your feet or toes and you can have problems with the bladder. The pain can radiate to other parts of the body disrupting good functioning. Sometimes it can mean incontinence. These symptoms need to be taken very seriously for which a medical examination is needed.


Pressure on nerves

From the spine run nerves which pass the vertebrae. If one of these vertebrae is dislocated it can give pressure on the nerve system. Normally this is similar to a hernia. Also an improper position of the body, legs or hips can cause it so that nerves are pressed against the spine with the same bad result. The affected nerves will give false electrical signals which continuously can be present at the back of the leg.


Improper position hips

Pre-mentioned nerves pass also the hips before they end in the legs. Next to a problem at the vertebrae it can also be caused by an out of plumb standing body. An uneven length off the legs can be the cause of this. In many instances this is recognized early in life so that the person can wear insertion pieces so that the body gets in the normal right standing position. If no-one has noticed this early in life it means that the person will gradually grow a bit skew and results in growing pressure on the nerves. It can also give more developed muscles on one side of the body resulting in more stress on the other side. 


How can you work on it? 

If you have intense pain it is always necessary to visit your general practitioner so that you can get the right referral for sciatica treatment. This condition can be helped by adjusting how your position is and how you walk on daily basis. The hips need to be positioned right-angled. Sometimes it can be necessary to undergo an operation but in many cases it can be solved by massage and muscle exercises. It is important that you are examined to find the right cause of it. With some simple adjustments you can be relieved from the pain so that you can walk straight again.


Other forms of leg irritation

Two other known variants of leg irritation caused by jammed nerves are the following two:

  • Your under leg is itchy, irritates or hurts. This is caused by a hernia between the third and fifth vertebra. Normally this needs to be operated;
  • Your upper leg is itchy or hurts during sleep and can feel like a spider under your skin just above the knee. De disks between the first and third vertebra are dislocated. This can be caused by cramped lower back due to too salty nutrition. Good massage and saltless nutrition can help this condition with having a hernia operation.

If the complete back of your leg hurts badly then it is sciatica and needs proper treatment.



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