Sodium bicarbonate versus acid influence on health, disorders

From birth our body contains a certain level of sodium carbonate with which the kidneys can remove acids form the body. Until an age of forty years this goes well, but after that the levels will gradually drop. Acidity will rise resulting in disorders, inflammations and diseases. What kind of influence has sodium carbonate on the body, how causes it complaints and how can it lower the acidity?


What does this substance do?

If there is sufficient sodium carbonate in the body, the kidneys can effectively remove acids from the body. It leaves the body as a waist product through urinating. It is important that we have enough of this substance within the body so that the kidneys are stimulated properly. Thus a healthy acidity can be present in the body. When the sodium carbonate level drops an acidity imbalance will occur. The kidneys will have insufficient capacities to remove acids from the body, so that other actions will be taken (lit.1). 


Bodily compensation for growing acidity

There are three known bodily reactions to counteract a growing level of acidity. These are:

  • More fluids are being held in tissues to lower the acidity relatively. The person will gain weight;
  • Other substances present in the body are used to lower the acidity or to neutralize it. Most important is calcium as it has a higher pH level. It results in withdrawal of calcium from the bones resulting in osteoporosis;
  • Crystals are being formed from acids. This expresses itself in small white knobs of hardenings under the skin and is called “gout tophi”. These crystals can occur everywhere in the body but normally will emerge in the toes and fingers.



A too low pH level means a high acidity and isn’t good for the body. Lactic acid can cause muscle pain and cramps. Uric acid is the cause of several inflammations. Think about bursitis, gout and joint problems due to systematic arthritis. Inflammations can be small till very overwhelming giving great problems. Especially rheumatism can give much pain caused the swelling of the synovial membrane within joints. Next to this acids can cause several unexplained disorders and are also related with growth of cancer-cells. 



Acids are the cause of several disorders and diseases. Especially when acid levels are chronically too high it will cause heavily inflammations. If tissue constantly is in contact with high acidity-levels tissue cells will react on it. Combined with free radicals it can lead to several types of cancer. High acidity can cause cancer but cancer also stimulates higher acidity (lit.2). If the bodily acidity is high that person has a bigger chance on developing serious disorders and diseases and therefore de-acidification is important.


Who will have problems?

Not everyone will have the same sodium carbonate levels and stress levels will be different as well. Is the person happy and satisfied, acid levels will be low. Does a person constantly live in fear or with a lot of stress then acidity can rise quickly. After forty years and on the sodium carbonate levels will drop resulting in less acid neutralization. At some point in life acid levels can only rise giving several bodily problems. How much stress people have and how quick sodium carbonate levels drop determines how much problems acids will cause.


Breaking through the negative balance

As acids can have very negative consequences it is necessary to do something about it. Nobody knows who will get problems from high acidity! As many people do get serious disorders and diseases from it, it is important taking preventive steps. By sodium carbonate intake the body can cope with acids so that disorders have less chance of occurring. How much a person needs depends on the circumstances. Sometimes a teaspoon per day solved in water enough, but if the person is older it can mean several teaspoons a day. Next to this it is advisable to stimulate lactic and uric acid drainage by drinking tea such as birch-tea or nettle-tea. In that way toxins and acids can leave the body through urinating. It is also advisable keeping positive in life and avoiding to much stress and anxieties.





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