The healing powers of zinc ointment

A remedy that every household with growing kids has to have is zinc ointment. It is a good way to reduce emerging infections on the skin, with a cooling working and evaporates fluids within contagious blisters. What does it consist and how can you use it?



Children relatively have a vulnerable body and are also susceptible for infections or bacteria. As they come in contact with a lot of other children it is often the cause of catching something unwanted. An infection can lead to the forming of skin problems which can irritate heavily and sometimes are very contagious. To prevent these outbreaks to spread to others this crème is very useful due to its positive effect.


What is in it?

The working substance actually isn't zinc but a residual of zinc. It is called zinc-oxide and is gotten from the decomposition of zinc-nitrate, -carbonate or –hydroxide. Normally it is a white till yellowish powder which isn’t solvable in water. That why Vaseline is used as a basis to create this ointment so that it can be smeared on the skin.


Properties of the ointment

If the crème is put on your skin, it directly has e cooling effect. Next to that it has a astringent effect so that damaged skin or wounds can close more quickly so that healing is stimulated. Most important aspect of this crème is the evaporating effect so that fluids can disappear. If there are blisters with fluids in it the salve dissolves there fluids so that the blisters can dry. The potential contagious fluids have less influence so that others and a bigger skin surface are protected. When the fluids have disappeared the blisters will erode.


With what conditions you can use it?

Many skin disorders can give much discomfort. Reaching relief zinc ointment gives good possibilities. You can use this crème for different disorders with children and adults:

  • Irritated buttocks of incontinent baby’s. Skin can react heavily on urine giving a red skin which itches. The ointment is used by many obstetric nurses and mothers giving the child relief;
  • Cloves on hands and feet. The skin looks pale, scale and is try whereby corn-buildup can rip. A product such as Senophile gives the astringent effect so that the skin closes up again and can heal;
  • Emerging blisters, bumps and ulcers. Many disorders such as shingles, chicken-pox, impetigo, cold sore, genital herpes and so ware very contagious as it gives itchy with fluids filled blisters. If these get scratched open then the virus can spread to a bigger area or to others. Use zinc ointment aka Sudocrem to counteract this;
  • Acne. If you have pimples then this salve can works very good. It cools the skin so that the pressure on the skin reduces. Pimples will feel less painful and they can get less big;
  • Blisters. In this case it concerns blisters not caused by burning. Wounds due to burning need to be attended by proper medical specialist.



If you constantly have disorders on the skin then it is advisable to check it at the general practitioner. It can be more than just a small infection or inflammation.