The influence of stress on the body

When you feel good you can handle a lot of stress for a long time. Your health however can deteriorate due to pressure, anxieties and stress. This can be caused due to influences at work or private circumstances. Everything you do during work and personally has a stress-giving factor on your existence and that can get too much. If your body can not handle all these social- and work-related obligations, then it can have a severe negative impact on your body. What influence does stress have?


A hurried society

How we are formed as a human depends on the type of society in which we grow up. Everyone and everything around you stimulates you to make the best of it. For many people with high ambitions and career expectations this can work very well. As many people are being pushed or have to join group-activities, it can be too much! The day is being lived in such a way there is no time for rest or real relaxation. You will go to every invitation and you will join every activity. Working and private activities are constant so that the body will not come to rest. Combined with a busy family-life the pressure of society can get too much. To what kind of progressive deterioration of your health can it lead to?


No restrictions

You are young and you think you can do anything. Of course you have a lot of energy and you think you can go on forever. You get your energy from burning glucose and from your nutrition. By eating healthy you will have enough energy to go on all day. Next to this there is also your mental energy balance, which is stimulated by your personal satisfaction. When you have a positive attitude you can stimulate yourself greatly thinking you can handle anything, but there are limits!


Growing anxiety and failure

This positive balance can last long, resulting in you doing even more and taking on more work. You want to be the best one within the group of colleagues and so you want to give it all you have. As the pressure grows and the personal limits for achievements are being reached, the chance of making errors grows. The successful person has to cope with some degree of anxiety and failure as errors and mistakes will occur. If this bodily reaction grows in time it will use up more substances such as serotonin, resulting in a lower personal satisfaction. Stress and anxieties can take the upper-hand disturbing your positive balance. 


Acidified body

Having more stress – maybe caused by a growing anxiety for getting fired – means that the body will get more tensed, resulting in growing acidification. This can result in pain, cramps, joint inflammation but also mental or motivation problems. This can also mean that your relationship will get under pressure as work problems will become personal problems.


Negative spiral

A well-known example of an over-done situation is when high work-pressure combined with many social activities results in a burn-out. This process will grow gradually as serotonin-level will get less and less. This is related to depression whereby the person will listen less to other people and their good intentions. This can result in a withdrawn existence whilst the situation worsens even more. This negative spiral can go on and have great consequences. 


Influence on weight

Your mood determines everything, also how much you eat. When you have a good mood means you lose energy more easily and you will have a good appetite. This also means that you burn more easily unwanted substances. When your mood drops also the intake of food will get less. It can mean that you don’t eat anything at all and can also influence the metabolism. Depending on how the body reacts the person can lose a lot of weight or gain much. The situation looks like you are less capable of taking care of yourself resulting in more or less “unhealthy” food-intake.


You can’t take it anymore!

As the situation worsens you lose your good qualities. Nothing goes like it should be and you react harshly on everyone around you. It results in isolation and seclusion from the world as everyone around you seems to be against you. These are already far-reaching consequences due to stress caused depression and needs to be recognized by the surrounding people. There needs to be a helping hand so that the depressed person is removed from the stressful situation. This means no more work (sometimes on therapeutic basis), less social contacts, much rest and medication such as antidepressants. In that way the serotonin levels can stabilize and grow so that the person gets more resistant against stress. Is depression isn't treated quick then it can lead to life-threatening circumstances. 


If you recognize yourself or another person in this situation, make sure you get help. Only through proper medication and psychiatric help this negative spiral can be stopped.



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