Treatment of a sprained ankle

You take a wrong step during sports, workout and training or if you walk down the stairs resulting in a strained ankle. In that situation the foot turns inwards so that your weight rests on the outside of your foot. This of course has great consequences for the anklets and sometimes gets ruptured. Also blood vessels can be torn apart. The ankle will swell very rapidly with a round blue stain arising on the outside. This can give pain to a lot of pain. How can you treat a sprained ankle and how can you improve recovery?  


How is it caused?

In almost all of the cases a sprained ankle is caused by an unfortunate moment or miscalculating the steps on the stairway. The foot turns inside so that the muscles on the outside are put under high short lasting tension. Muscles and tissue gets ruptured giving a thick and painful ankle. Normally it is highly unlikely that the anklets will rip off completely. Athletes have more chance on getting this condition as they move more frequently under physical demanding exercises and also get more easily in contact with others.


What are the symptoms?

You will feel a severe sting when you wrongly place your feet so it gets sprained. The most intense pain will quickly recede and most likely you will be able to walk carefully. It will take time for the pain to go away completely. Side effect is that the ankle swells and gets blue from a hemorrhage. This will in itself result in more pressure on the joint so that the pain influence will grow again. If the swelling gets smaller the blood coloration of the ankle will descend to the tows so that they will turn blue also. Many times it is unclear if it is a sprain or a tear. If you hardly can walk on it, it can indicate a fracture of a bone.


What helps lighten the pain? 

Is your ankle sprained it is important to give it rest. Place the ankle higher than the rest of the legs and cool it as best as you can. Blood can more easily flow out of the leg next to which ice can lower the impact of the swelling. If the swelling and pain have receded to bearable levels it is important to start walking again. It ensures that blood in the legs will be pumped so that recovery is stimulated. Of course you will need to take it carefully. If you are still sitting down you can turn the ankle and make pumping movements.


Severe pain

If you hardly can walk after cooling the ankle down even if you are helped it can mean that there is more wrong than a simple sprain. The anklet can be ripped off which needs to be reattached surgical. There can also be a fracture which also needs a lot of time to heal properly. To reduce the immediate pain you can use aspirin several times a day. If you have long lasting pain problems with the ankle you will need to get advice from your general practitioner. In many cases a photo needs to be made to be sure about your condition.



The pain will reduce gradually after several days. It is important to start walking again so that the muscles won’t cramp due to acid buildup. Walk or at least do ankle exercises. The pain and swelling will get less in time so that you can gradually start to walk normal again. Be advised that you should prevent intensive sporting for the first few months. The ankle needs a lot of rest so the muscles can strengthen. Just walk in a normal way without giving it to much pressure.



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