Tryptophan supplements to stimulate bodily functions

On how good our body functions and how good we feel has tryptophan great influence. It is an essential amino acid and can result in many kinds of moods. A good level makes us feel good and gives us a high self-confidence. Is it lower than normal then it will have negative influence on our mood! What kind of substance is it, what products consist it and how can supplement intake have a positive effect?



Tryptophan is used to make the substance 5-HTP aka 5-hydroxytryptophaan, which on its turn is used to make serotonin. It is an essential substance and determines how good we feel. This means it influences our mood and how positive we are in life. If we have an anxiety or we fear something, serotonin is used to counteract it. It results in a decline of our mood but can also cause several disorders. Especially work pressure and stress have a negative influence on this. It is important not to be led too much by your work and emphasizing a positive attitude. Why is this important and how can supplement intake help?


How does this substance work?

The more tryptophan the body gets the better it is to get/ keep a higher serotonin level. It results in a positive spiral giving us a constant good feeling. It has influence on appetite, self-awareness and can prevent mood related disorders such as a burn-out. How much of this substance we have is determined by pressure, personal stress and anxieties. These use it up rapidly and can turn a positive spiral into a negative one.


More appetite

How much interest we have in food but also sexual intercourse is determined by our serotonin levels. If we have more of this substance food tastes better but also results in us eating healthier. Is it on the other hand lower than our taste gets less due to which food tastes less. In that case we will eat more savory food, unhealthy fatty food or drink more alcohol. This will give more weight but also has influence on a less optimistic self-esteem.



Most important in life is cheerfulness. A cheerful person can get a good feeling reasonably easy because serotonin usage is low. The production of serotonin is easy even if that person doesn’t take supplements (placebo-effect). Less cheerfulness doesn’t have to mean that the mood, appetite or self-awareness drops, if only there is enough serotonin. If it does drop then it directly has influence on the self-assurance.


Negative spiral

Stress, much work and anxiety to get fired can result in a lower self-assurance. Others start to complain about your achievements and that gives a less positive self-esteem. Your confidence in yourself drops and the uncertainty grows. It is the start of a negative spiral and can cause severe disorders such as manic depression, psychosis or a burnt feeling will take the upper hand. Depression can result into a life-threatening situation.


Sleeping well

Next to pervious mentioned emotional moods and appetite’s tryptophan has also great influence on how good we can sleep. On a daily basis we need a good night’s sleep so that the body can restore mentally and physically. Due to insufficient tryptophan it can occur that we can’t sleep despite we are tired. For a great part insomnia is causes by a shortage of this substance. If you take it in enough you can sleep better.


Which products consist it?

For a good functioning of the body it is important to have enough intake, but also finding a healthy balance. A good body weight can prevent the development of additional disorders. High concentrations of tryptophan can be found in the following products:

  • Soya beans, sesame and sunflower seeds;
  • Savory chees such as Cheddar;
  • Beef, pork, turkey (sleepy feeling after Christmas meal), chicken, lamb;
  • Salmon, bass, tuna;
  • Eggs, warm milk, banana;
  • Rice, potato.

Take your benefit by eating these products on a daily basis so you can stimulate bodily processes. If you want to sleep good then drink warm milk several minutes before you go to bed. Also sesame bread with tuna can help. You can also take in tryptophan supplements so that you are sure receiving the right amount every day. Emotionally you will get stronger, your self-esteem grows and you can sleep well. 


Read always the leaflet on what kind of reactions it can give. It cannot be combined with some kinds of antidepressants. Consult your treating doctor or local physician.



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