What to do with a white substance smegma under foreskin

Smegma is for many people an unpleasant condition just because they get unsure about it and doesn't know what can be done about it. It is formed by a white substance under the foreskin whereby it many times concentrates behind the edge. It also can occur under the complete foreskin as a moist or granular substance. What causes this condition, is it a sexual transmitted infection and what can you do about it?


How does it look like?

Many times you don’t know that it is there, as you don’t look under the foreskin. Once it starts to smell the person will look at it and discover that there is a lot of this white substance present. It can moist, looks syrupy or can give a granular structure. If it has been there too long it can give a typical lactic acid smell. As the person doesn't know why it is caused they can be ashamed of it trying to hide it. It is important to act wisely and find a solution for this problem. What can you do?


What is the cause?

The body renews the skin, blood, organs constantly so that we keep a healthy body and that we look good also. Next to that renewal makes bodily processes to run flexible. Constantly a new version of yourself is presented as old tissue is replaced. This means also the skin around the genitals. It is a buildup of old skin combined with epithelium – tissue that covers skin and organs – within the moist condition of the genitals itself. With a growing quantity it will clearly be visible as a white soapy substance under the foreskin.


What can it cause?

If your private parts aren't treated properly it can worsen into other conditions. Smegma as a disorder can lead to a bacterial imbalance which can lead to other rashes within a growing area around the genitals. Think about jock itch. Next to this it has the potential to molder resulting in rotting skin. In this stage the smell has to be recognized in an early stage and has to be prevented.


Small children

It is a common problem with small children. The child is washed by its mother but this washing normally will be superficial. Cleaning under the foreskin is forgotten as parents don’t give attention to it. It can result in a condition that the child gets unsure, has a lot of itch at it and doesn't clean it. As it is untended a reasonably un-harmful condition can grow into a situation that bacteria get the upper hand. As a parent it is important to keep alert and regularly clean under the child’s foreskin.


Being untended to it

Those who cannot take care of themselves, have an addiction or other disease can have this condition. Due to lacking attention the genitals are untended to giving smegma and additional problems. There can be a general worsening of the health giving multiple complaints. Sick people don’t take care of it as they are concerned with other more pressing health issues. With smegma the skin constantly renews itself but the remnants aren't removed. It can occur to anyone when there is no proper attention for hygiene.


Is it a STI?

The condition mostly occurs with children, uncaring people or men who don’t watch it properly. This means it is a hygiene circumstance which doesn't fall under STI aka sexual transferred infections. It is caused by how clean a person is and there lies the solution. If you have unprotected intercourse after which a smelly secretion from the ureter appears then it can be a STI. Think about a clap or Chlamydia. In that care you will need to have proper medical attention or take a STI test at home.


Stable situation

You don’t have to clean the genitals often. The acidity of the body has the natural capability to avert the influence of bacteria and infections. It is a normal condition but can smell like sour after a while. As the body is acid bacteria develop poorly. This balance can be disrupted giving several complaints next to the white soapy substance. Bacteria can accumulate as the foreskin gets less acid.


What to do?

To prevent the situation getting worse it is important to do something about it. This can be done by regularly cleaning under the foreskin with clean water. If you clean it daily the soapy condition won’t be present and a normal acidity and balance will return. Make sure you clean it several times per week so that you don’t have any problems with it anymore.


Watch out with soap-usage!

When you clean it, you can do it with regular soap. But be careful with this also. Especially under the foreskin the acidity can be disrupted quickly. Many people use soap or gel to clean the skin being clean and cool again. Soap normally has a high pH level and can disrupt the acidity. This can give more bacteria or fungi under the foreskin. This will show as little quickly growing red spots (isn't a STI also). If you want to use soap to clean it, then use pH neutral or baby soap. With it you prevent unwanted complications and makes it clean under your foreskin.