White pigment deviation of the skin

Vitiligo is the general calling of white coloration of the skin. In your skin operate melanin in a way that it gives you a specific color. The sun can have great impact on the processes belonging with it, but it can also disrupt the melanin production in a way it results in white stains. People with normal white skin coloration these stains won’t be noticed clearly, but of course that is differently for someone with a dark skin. Many times the person will be looked at as there is something wrong, especially if it occurs in the facial area. What is the cause of this condition? 


Where do you get it?

It is caused by UV sun radiation. It you wear a lot of clothes it won’t block the influence of that radiation completely and so it can occur on your breast, back, legs, arms and head. It means it can happen anywhere on your body. As it is a progressive process the size will gradually expand so that the white spot gets bigger all the time. The disrupted melanin production ensures that nearby situated melanin will also be disrupted. The skin condition can appear from small to big sizes, mostly round and sometimes in various shapes. It can grow until the complete skin has changed into white.


Easily burned

If the white spots are exposed to sunlight for a long time it will turn extremely red. Due to the missing melanin within the white skin spots there is no protection against sun-rays. It means that the skin gets red but it can also be very dangerous for the skin. Especially people with much white spotted skin it easily gets burned. It is always advisable not to go into the sun too long.



Melanin is the pigment within the skin and absorbs radiation. Normally it gives the skin a more brownish color. The primarily causes of it are next to too much sun radiation also a shortage of vitamins. Think about vitamin B12, C and foliate (B11). If you have a deficiency on these substances you can more easily develop Vitiligo.


How to recover from it?

People especially find white spots in the face very annoying as you cannot cover it unless you use facial cosmetic. Of course we want that it to recover naturally. For now there are still no proven remedies that can help it. But there are some encouraging results by combining the intake of enough vitamins and UV radiation under hospital conditions. Next to this it is advisable to avoid the sun as much as possible. With that the growth of the white spots can stabilize or sometimes improve. This last point has till now never scientifically been proven.